Karaoke Remix Vol.1

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Karaoke Remix Vol.1
Helloween - Karaoke Remix vol.1.jpg
Compilation album by Helloween
Released 1998
Genre Power metal
Length 46:17
Label Raw Power Records
Helloween chronology
Better Than Raw
(1998)'Better Than Raw'1998
Karaoke Remix Vol.1
Karaoke Remix Vol.2
(1998)'Karaoke Remix Vol.2'1998

Karaoke Remix Vol.1 is a compilation album by the German Heavy metal group Helloween. It was only released in Japan. It features instrumental tracks from the Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske eras.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Walls of Jericho" Weikath, Hansen 0:50
2. "Ride The Sky" Hansen 5:57
3. "How Many Tears" Weikath 7:19
4. "Future World" Hansen 4:04
5. "Halloween" Hansen 13:18
6. "Dr. Stein" Weikath 5:04
7. "First Time" Weikath 5:28
8. "Step Out of Hell" Grapow 4:22