Karapınar Field

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Karapınar Field
Karapınar; Meke Gölü.JPG
Cinder cone and Meke Gölü, a crater lake.
Highest point
Elevation 1,302 m (4,272 ft)
Coordinates 37°40′N 33°39′E / 37.67°N 33.65°E / 37.67; 33.65
Location Konya Province, Turkey
Mountain type Volcanic field / Cinder cones / Maars / Crater lake
Last eruption Unknown
Karapınar Field seen from space (false color).

Karapınar Field is a volcanic field in central Anatolia, Asian Turkey.


The volcanic area is located near the city of Karapınar, in the Karapınar District of Konya Province.


The basaltic Karapınar Volcanic Field consists of five cinder cones, two lava fields, and several explosion craters and maars.

Meke Dağı, at 300 metres (980 ft) in elevation, is one of the largest cinder cones in the Central Anatolia Region.

Meke Dağı is surrounded by Meke Gölü, a crater lake.

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Karapınar Volcanic Field and Meke Gölü crater lake panorama