Karapan sapi

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Karapan sapi
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Stierenrennen op het eiland Madoera TMnr 60048932.jpg
Karapan sapi festivities on Madura, 1932
First playedIndonesia (Madura)
Team members1-2 Players
A race in 1999

Karapan sapi is a traditional bull racing festival on the Indonesian island of Madura.[1] Every year from about July through October, local bulls are yoked to wooden skids and raced for 130 meters, similar to a chariot race.[2] There are several of these races throughout the season, and there is a final trophy race held in Pamekasan. The bulls participating in the event are adorned with gold and other decorations,[3] and the event may be accompanied by Gamelan music, food, and wagers on the outcome of the race. A depiction of the festival was featured on the reverse of the 100 rupiah coin for Indonesia from 1991 to 1998.[4] An Indonesian stamp issued in 2009 also depicted the race, along with the Surabaya–Madura Bridge.


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