Kardemir Karabükspor

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Kardemir Karabükspor
Full nameKardemir Demir Çelik Karabükspor
Nickname(s)Mavi Ateş (Blue Flame)
GroundDr. Necmettin Şeyhoğlu Stadium, Karabük
ChairmanZiya Ünsal[1]
ManagerTaner Öcal
LeagueTFF Second League
2018–19TFF First League, 18th (relegated)
WebsiteClub website

Kardemir Demir Çelik Karabükspor or simply known as Kardemir Karabükspor or Karabükspor is a Turkish sports club based in Karabük, Turkey. The team was founded in 1969 after a merger between "Karabük Gençlikspor" and "Demir Çelik Spor". The club has in branches in football, wheelchair basketball and volleyball. The nickname of the club is Mavi Ateş; Blue Flame. The nickname comes from unfading blue flame coming out of one of the chimneys of Kardemir iron-steel works which is located in the entrance of the city. As the factory gives its name to the club, the team is cited as a worker's team.[2]


Foundation and early history[edit]

In the year 1938, Azmi Tılabar, the head manager of the Turkish iron-steel industry, founded DÇ Gençlik Kulübü; DÇ Youth Club with grey-blue colours. In these times, the trainer of the football team was an English engineer Mr. Lain. The trainer of atlhletism was Turkish athlete Faik Önen. Moreover, Mersinli Ahmet and Yaşar Doğu were trainers of wrestling. During the 1940s, Karabükspor became a symbol in cycling, tennis and wrestling around Turkey. Starting in the 1950s, the "Karabük Gençlikspor" joined "DÇ Gençlik Kulübü" and finally, the club got its colours as red-blue.

The 1990s[edit]

In the last game of the 1993–94 season against Zeytinburnuspor, Karabükspor relegated from the Süper Lig. Karabükspor promoted to the top tier after winning the promotion play-off in the 1996–97 season. Karabükspor finished 8th in 1997–98. The next season, however, was disastrous for them as they again relegated to the second level. Karabükspor relocated to the Second League B Category in the 2001–02 season.

The 2000s[edit]

The team was promoted to the TFF First League in the 2007–08 season after a 7–0 win against Erzurumspor in the promotion group. On their 30th game of the 2009–10 season, they won 3–0 against Çaykur Rizespor which meant they were promoted to the Süper Lig after 11 years.

Past seasons[edit]

Domestic results[edit]

Season Place League
1969–70 9 TFF Second League
1970–71 4 TFF Second League
1971–72 1 TFF Second League
1972–73 15 TFF First League
1973–74 2 TFF Second League
1974–75 5 TFF First League
1975–76 6 TFF First League
1976–77 6 TFF First League
1977–78 7 TFF First League
1978–79 12 TFF First League
1979–80 5 TFF First League
1980–81 10 TFF First League
1981–82 6 TFF First League
1982–83 12 TFF First League
1983–84 1 Amateur Level
1984–85 10 TFF First League
1985–86 13 TFF First League
1986–87 10 TFF First League
1987–88 4 TFF First League
1988–89 7 TFF First League
1989–90 7 TFF First League
1990–91 14 TFF First League
1991–92 5 TFF First League
1992–93 3 TFF First League
1993–94 14 Süper Lig
1994–95 5 TFF First League
1995–96 2 TFF First League
1996–97 1 TFF First League
1997–98 9 Süper Lig
1998–99 18 Süper Lig
1999–00 1 TFF First League
2000–01 5 TFF First League
2001–02 1 TFF Second League
2002–03 11 TFF Second League
2003–04 2 TFF Second League
2004–05 7 TFF Second League
2005–06 3 TFF Second League
2006–07 3 TFF Second League
2007–08 2 TFF Second League
2008–09 7 TFF First League
2009–10 1 TFF First League
2010–11 9 Süper Lig
2011–12 12 Süper Lig
2012–13 15 Süper Lig
2013–14 7 Süper Lig
2014–15 16 Süper Lig
2015–16 2 TFF First League
2016–17 12 Süper Lig
2017–18 18 Süper Lig
2018–19 18 TFF First League

League participations[edit]

European record[edit]

Season Competition Round Club Home Away Aggregate
2014–15 UEFA Europa League 3Q Norway Rosenborg 0–0 1–1 1–1 (a)
PO France Saint-Étienne 1–0 0–1 1–1, 3–4 (pen.)
  • 3Q: Third qualifying round
  • PO: Play-off round


The club are sponsored by the Kardemir company and the Iron workers unions from whom they draw a lot of their support, making it a club with true working class identity.[3] Their ultra group is called Mavi Ateş (Blue Flame) and their motto is, Dumanlı kentin puslu çocukları (Sons of the smoky city).[4]

Current sponsors[edit]


Current squad[edit]

As of 16 August 2018[5]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Turkey GK Furkan Kaçar
3 Turkey MF Tuna Yalçın
9 Turkey MF Ramazan Övüç
11 Belgium MF Ahmet Karadayi
13 Turkey DF Fatih Tultak
15 Turkey MF Berat Ustabasi
17 Turkey MF Enes Nalbantoğlu
18 Ghana FW Francis Narh
20 Turkey DF Berkay Yılmaz
22 Turkey GK Ferhat Yilmaz
23 Turkey DF Abdullah Sezgin
No. Position Player
27 Azerbaijan MF Taşkın İlter
34 Turkey MF Emre Eser
55 Turkey DF Sezer Gündüz
70 Turkey MF Toykan Topuz
77 Turkey MF Fatih Kizilay
78 Turkey FW Yusuf Akbulut
90 Turkey FW Batuhan Kurt
92 Turkey MF Cihan Aydin
97 Turkey FW Arif Bostancı
98 Turkey DF Berk Kervankiran
99 Turkey FW Melih Berat Arslan

Technical staff[edit]

Position Name
Manager Turkey Levent Açıkgöz
Assistant Manager Turkey Ilhan Özer
Goalkeeping Coach Turkey Mehmet Varlıer
Fitness Coach Turkey Burak Akalp
Fitness Coach Turkey Yasin Kurt
Match Analyst Turkey Eren Gürsoy


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