Kare language (Adamawa)

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Native toCentral African Republic, Cameroon
Native speakers
97,000 (1996–2000)[1]
62,000 Kare, 35,000 Tale in CAR (1996)
  • Kare (Kari, Kali)
  • ? Tale
Language codes
ISO 639-3kbn

Kare (Kãrɛ̃, Kareng) is an Mbum language of the Central African Republic. It is spoken by around 97,000 people in the country. There are a few thousand speakers in Cameroon.

Ethnologue 17 reports that Kare is intelligible with Mbum proper. However, languages more closely related to either are not reported to be intelligible. Ethnologue lists Tale (Tali) as a dialect, but Blench (2004) leaves it unclassified within the Mbum languages. Ethnologue also lists Kali as a synonym; Blench lists a Kali language in a different branch of the Mbum languages.


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