Kareemullah Shah

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Hazrath Kareemullah Shah
Religion Islam
Sect Sunni Hanafi
Born 1838
Begum Bazar, Hyderabad, India.
Died 15 April 1913
Senior posting
Based in Hyderabad, India
Predecessor Hazrath Shah Ashraf Ali Naqshbandi Hyderabadi
Successor Hazrath Ghousi Shah
Religious career
Website http://www.mgshah.com

Alhaj Hazrath Kareemullah Shah (died 15 April 1913) was a renowned Muslim Sufi, saint and scholar of the Naqshbandi order from Indian sub continent. He was born in 1838 in the city of Hyderabad. His spiritual successor was Hazrath Ghousi Shah, who in turn became the spiritual master of India's noted Sufi saint.[1]


Alhaj Hazrath Kareemullah Shah spiritual guide (shaikh) was Hazrath Shah Ashraf Ali Naqshbandi Hyderabadi. Many scholars of twin cities learned the intricacies of Tauheed and Tasawwuf from him. He initiated Hazrath Ghousi Shah in tasawwuf and made him successor(janasheen). He was a great Khateeb – an orator who left a great impact upon the audience, Masnavi Maulana Rum in an extremely impressive manner and he was a great interpreter of Arabi.[1]


He died on 15 April 1913. His grave (mazar) is situated in his mosque “Masjid-E-Kareemullah Shah”, Begum Bazar, behind Osmania general Hospital, Afzalgunj, Hyderabad.[1]

Mazaar Shareef(Grave) of Hazrath Peer Kareemullah Shah
Mazaar Shareef(Grave) of Hazrath Peer Kareemullah Shah


His annual Urs is organized by his present successor Moulana Ghousavi Shah (Secretary General: The Conference of World Religions & President: All India Muslim Conference) every year.[2]



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