Karel Fajfr

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Karel Fajfr
Karel Fajfr 2010 Trophée Eric Bompard 2.JPG
Personal information
Alternative names Karl Pfeifer
Born 1943
Residence Oberstdorf
Partner Věra Stehlíková
Marika Nagyová

Karl Fajfr (born in 1943 in Brno) is a German figure skating coach based in Oberstdorf and a former pair skater.

Life and career[edit]

Competing in partnership with Věra Stehlíková, Fajfr won two silver medals at the Czechoslovak national championships (1964 and 1965). They won the bronze medal at the 1965 Prague Skate. After their partnership ended, he skated with Marika Nagyová for two seasons. They won two bronze medals at the Czechoslovak Championships.

Fajfr moved to Germany after the Prague Spring in 1968. From 1980 he coached in Stuttgart and led his daughter Scarlett to the 1981 German Junior national title. That same year, he coached the pair team of Tina Riegel / Andreas Nischwitz to the World bronze and European silver medals. He also coached Heiko Fischer, a five-time German national champion.

In autumn 1994 an investigation was launched into alleged abuse of some of his students.[1] Fajfr was charged with eleven counts of sexual abuse and two counts of battery.[2] In December 1995, he was sentenced to two years probation, fined 25,000 Deutsche Mark, and given a three-year Berufsverbot (professional disqualification).[3]

Fajfr coaches in Oberstdorf. His former students include:


With Stehlíková[edit]

Event 1963–64 1964–65 1965–66
European Championships 13th
Prague Skate 3rd
Czechoslovak Championships 2nd 2nd

With Nagyová[edit]

Event 1966–67 1967–68
Prague Skate 7th
Czechoslovak Championships 3rd 3rd


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