Karelsky Coast

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Coordinates: 66°27′48″N 33°27′47″E / 66.46333°N 33.46306°E / 66.46333; 33.46306

Karelsky Coast

The Karelsky Coast (Russian: Карельский берег) is a coastal area in Murmansk Oblast and the Republic of Karelia in northwest Russia. It is located on the western side of the White Sea, between Kandalaksha and Kem. The major rivers flowing to the sea at the coast are the Kovda and the Kem.

Administratively, the Karelsky Coast is shared between Kandalakshsky District of Murmansk Oblast and Kemsky and Loukhsky Districts of the Republic of Karelia.

Inhabited localities such as Kovda, Beloye More, Lesozavodsky, Kem are all located at the Karelsky Coast. The coast has been populated by Pomors and Karelians since no later than the 13th century.


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