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Karen Attiah
Karen Attiah Resisting Extremism in Africa- Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Acts - 37860453116 (cropped).jpg
Attiah in 2017 as moderator for New America think tank
Born (1986-08-12) August 12, 1986 (age 32)
Desoto, Texas, United States
Known forBeing the editor of Jamal Khashoggi
  • Grace Attiah (mother)

Karen Attiah (born August 12, 1986) is a Ghanaian-American writer and Global Opinions editor for the Washington Post. Attiah was born in Northeastern Texas in 1986 to a Nigerian-Ghanaian mother and Ghanaian father. After a bachelor's degree at Northwestern University, Attiah won a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Accra, Ghana and obtained an MA from Columbia University before later joining the Washington Post.

Attiah gained further prominence in October 2018 when one of the columnists she had recruited in 2017 for the Washington Post's "Global Opinions" section, the writer Jamal Khashoggi, went missing on 2 October 2018 in Istanbul.[1] In an interview in Marie Claire, she claimed her Whatsapp started blowing up with “Jamal’s missing" messages, and she felt she knew the worst had happened.[2] On October 5th, two days after his disappearance, Attiah let his column space remain blank with the title "A missing voice" and her tweet with the empty space was retweeted by Christiane Amanpour and 1,206 others.[3]

Since then she has been interviewed by major news outlets as the primary contact for Khashoggi's last published opinion.


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