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Karen E. Taylor is the author of The Vampire Legacy Series of novels, published by Kensington Books. A voracious reader of vampire/horror novels, Karen first started writing Blood Secrets in January, 1988. She conceived of writing the novel while living across the street from a very large cemetery. It was never intended to be the first book of an ongoing series, but fans who had read the novel demanded a sequel. To date, the series stands at seven titles, and has earned a cult following. Her short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, including: Love Bites, 100 Vicious Little Vampires, 100 Wicked Little Witches, A Horror Story A Day, and Seductive Spectres. In 2001, she was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for best short story for "Mexican Moon".

Karen E. Taylor was born and raised in the Pittsburgh suburbs. A graduate of Churchill area High School and later of Grove City College, her first love was the theater, but now she admits that writing is better; "You get to write all the lines and play all the parts." She currently resides outside of Los Angeles, CA with her husband and pets.




The Vampire Legacy Series

  • Blood Red Dawn - 2004
  • Resurrection - 2002
  • The Vampire Vivienne - 2001
  • Blood of my Blood - 2000
  • Blood Ties - 1995
  • Bitter Blood - 1994
  • Blood Secrets - 1994


NOVELS The Vampire Legacy—Published by Pinnacle Books

Blood Secrets

            as HUNGER July 2011

Bitter Blood

           as HUNGER July 2011

Blood Ties

         as CRAVE October 2011

Blood of My Blood

                as  CRAVE October 2011

The Vampire Vivienne Resurrection Blood Red Dawn


HUNGER, Kensington Books, July 2011

CRAVE, Kensington Books, October, 2011


Fangs and Angel Wings

The short fiction of Karen E. Taylor


Dark Fluidity

"Two's Company, Five's a Crowd"

Family Plots

"A Good Idea at the Time"   

Women Writing Science Fiction as Men

"Happy Mother's Day"  (with Barbara J. Ferrenz)

Brainbox II: Son of Brainbox


Brainbox: The Real Horror

"Mexican Moon"

Daughter of Dangerous Dames


Horrors!: 365 Scary Stories

"Romeo Falling"

Return of the Dinosaurs

"The Presence"

Seductive Spectres


No Other Tribute

"The Mirrored Image"

Love Bites


100 Vicious Little Vampires

"The Blood of the Rose"

100 Wicked Little Witches

Book of Dead Things

Best of Horrorfind II

Twilight Tales

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