Karen Grant

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Karen Grant
Karen Grant.jpg
Karen Grant in 1986
Brookside character
Portrayed by Shelagh O'Hara
Duration 1982–86, 1988, 1990
First appearance 3 November 1982
Last appearance 10 August 1990
Created by Phil Redmond

Karen Grant is a character in Brookside portrayed by Shelagh O'Hara from 1982 until 1986 with returns in 1988 and 1990.

Grant Family[edit]

The Grant family consisted of Bobby Grant, Sheila Grant, Barry Grant, Karen Grant and Damon Grant. The family moved onto the Middle Class Brookside Close from a rundown council estate.

Character in early episodes[edit]

Karen Grant was not seen in the first episode; instead, Bobby was heard to be shouting at her through the bathroom door. Karen then appeared in the second episode. 16-year-old Karen represented youth subculture and was moody, keeping herself apart from her parents. Karen had a boyfriend, Duanne, in the early episodes, whom Bobby and Sheila thoroughly disapproved of.

Relationship with family[edit]

Relationship with Damon[edit]

Karen is close in age to younger brother Damon. The two have a love-hate relationship, often engaging in arguments. At the same time, however, they are often allies in rebelling against Sheila's staunch Catholic upbringing (refusing to go to church with her, for example). As Karen became a more settled character, she often tried to calm hot-headed Damon.

Relationship with Barry[edit]

Karen's elder brother Barry was fairly protective of her, even beating up Duanne after he tried to force Karen to have sex with him (something Barry was later stabbed for).[1] Barry also obtained contraception for Karen behind her mother's back.

Relationship with parents[edit]

In early episodes Karen had a typical adolescent awkward relationship with both her parents. After Sheila's rape, when their marriage became strained, she mediated between them.

Character in later episodes[edit]

In later episodes Karen no longer was portrayed as an awkward adolescent, instead becoming the most eloquent member of the Grant family and moving to London at the end of 1986, though she returned briefly in 1988 when she was seen by her mother at Damon's grave, and again in 1990 for her mother's wedding to Billy Corkhill.


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