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Karen Kingsbury (born June 8, 1963) is an American Christian novelist born in Fairfax Virginia.

She was a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times and later wrote for the Los Angeles Daily News. Her first book, Missy's Murder (1991), was based on a murder story that she covered in Los Angeles. During this time, she had an article published in People Magazine.

She has written more than 50 novels, with five co-written, and has nearly 13 million copies of her novels in print.[1][2] She is the #1 New York Times and USA today[3] best selling novelist with the last dozen books published topping bestseller lists. Some of her novels are being developed into movies by hallmark Films[4] including The Bridge and A Time to Dance which aired in 2015.[5] The 23 book Baxter family novel series is being adapted to a television series.[6] Lightworks Media and Roma Downey have the rights to develop the series.[7]

Kingsbury also does public speaking and through national events she reaches more than 100,000 each year.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Karen Kingsbury is the oldest of 5 children. Her family moved around a lot because of her father's job with IBM. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Cal State University Nothridge in 1986. After she graduated she worked for the Los Angeles Times as a sports writer.

She married her husband on July 23, 1989. They found out they were expecting their first child, Kelsey, on their sixth month anniversary. Their third child, Austin, had a severe heart defect and had heart surgery at three weeks old. They adopted three sons from Haiti: Sean, Josh and EJ.[9]

Kelsey, her daughter, is an actress and is married to Kyle Kupecky, a Christian recording artist, and they have a son, Karen's first grandson.[10] Tyler, her second oldest, is becoming a screenwriter and Sean, Josh, EJ and Austin are students at Liberty University.[11]

Karen Kingsbury's father died due to complications from diabetes. She chose to start eating healthier and to cut out sugar and as a result lost 70 pounds between January and November in 2007.[12]


Standalone novels

  • Between Sundays
  • The Bridge – this was made into a television movie in 2015 shown on The Hallmark Channel
  • The Chance
  • Coming Home
  • Divine
  • Fifteen Minutes
  • Like Dandelion Dust
  • Oceans Apart
  • On Every Side
  • Shades of Blue
  • This Side of Heaven (w/ friends from Cody Gunner series)
  • Unlocked
  • Where Yesterday Lives
  • When Joy Came to Stay

Angels Walking series

  • Angels Walking
  • Chasing Sunsets
  • A Brush of Wings

Heart of the Story collection

  • The Family of Jesus
  • The Friends of Jesus

9/11 Series

  • One Tuesday Morning
  • Beyond Tuesday Morning
  • Remember Tuesday Morning – former title Every Now and Then

Lost Love series

  • Even Now
  • Ever After

Red Gloves series

  • Gideon's Gift
  • Maggie's Miracle
  • Sarah's Song
  • Hannah's Hope

Forever Faithful series

  • Waiting for Morning
  • A Moment of Weakness
  • Halfway to Forever

Timeless Love series

Cody Gunner series

  • A Thousand Tomorrows
  • Just Beyond the Clouds

Redemption series – BAXTER ONE

  • Redemption
  • Remember
  • Return
  • Rejoice
  • Reunion

Firstborn series – BAXTER TWO

  • Fame
  • Forgiven
  • Found
  • Family
  • Forever

Sunrise series – BAXTER THREE

  • Sunrise
  • Summer
  • Someday
  • Sunset

Above the Line series – BAXTER FOUR

  • Take One
  • Take Two
  • Take Three
  • Take Four

Bailey Flanigan series – BAXTER FIVE

  • Leaving
  • Learning
  • Longing
  • Loving

Children's books

  • Always Daddy's Princess
  • The Brave Young Knight
  • Far Fluttery
  • Go Ahead and Dream
  • Let Me Hold You Longer
  • Let's Go On a Mommy Date
  • Let's Have a Daddy Day
  • The Princess and the Three Knights
  • We Believe In Christmas
  • Whatever You Grow Up To Be

Gift books

  • Forever Young
  • Be Safe Little Boy
  • Stay Close Little Girl
  • Forever My Little Boy
  • Forever My Little Girl

True crime

  • Missy's Murder
  • The Snake and the Spider
  • Deadly Pretender: The Double Life of David Miller
  • Final Vows


  • The Beginning – prequel to THE BRIDGE
  • Elizabeth Baxter's 10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage
  • I Can Only Imagine

Treasury of Miracles Books[13]

  • A Treasury of Christmas Miracles
  • A Treasury of Miracles for Women
  • A Treasury of Miracles for Teens
  • A Treasury of Miracles for Friends
  • A Treasury of Adoption Miracles Devotional


Karen Kingsbury co-wrote her first song, "Walls" with Gary Baker and Richie McDonald; it appeared on McDonald's inspirational album, I Turn to You and hit Christian and Country radio in January 2009.

She wrote the song, "Tell Me to Breathe", that will be included on upcoming album from Marie Osmond.[citation needed]

Kingsbury also wrote "Miracles Happen", a Christmas song sung by Richie McDonald which now appears on McDonald's cd, If every day could be Christmas.


  • Like Dandelion Dust (2009)
  • Gideon's Gift (September 2015)
  • The Bridge (December 2015)
  • A Time to Dance (May 2016)


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