Karen National Defence Organisation

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Karen National Defence Organisation
ကရင်အမျိုးသား ကာကွယ်ရေး အဖွဲ့အစည်း
Participant in the Internal conflict in Myanmar
Active 1947 (1947)–present
Ideology Karen nationalism
Area of operations Kayah State
Kayin State
Part of Karen National Union
Became Karen National Liberation Army

Karen National Liberation Army

Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (until 2010)[2]


Union of Myanmar (until 2011)
Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma (until 1988)

Union of Burma (until 1962)
Battles and wars

Internal conflict in Myanmar

The Karen National Defence Organisation (Burmese: ကရင်အမျိုးသား ကာကွယ်ရေး အဖွဲ့အစည်း; KNDO) is one of two military branches of the Karen National Union (KNU), the second of which being the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA). The original KNDO fought against the government of Myanmar from 1947 until 1949 as the armed wing of the KNU, until the KNLA was made the official armed wing.[3][1]

The KNDO had closely followed the peace process instigated by the government, starting with the call for nationwide ceasefire by the Ethnic Armed Resistance Organizations (EARO) in 2011. On 11 October 2015, the KNDO released a statement on the recently signed Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement.[4]


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