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Karen Salmansohn is a best selling self-help book author with over one million books sold.

Salmansohn was formerly a senior VP ad creative director (at age 26) who left her job to pursue writing. She has been profiled in the NY Times, Business Week, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Time Magazine, ELLE, Marie Claire, and Fast Company. She also appeared in popular television shows and was a regular lifestyle reporter for Fox TV.[1][2][3]

Lately, she has been offering monthly seminars at THE SOHO HOUSE in New York City where she lives. She now has her own SIRIUS radio show called Be Happy Dammit. She also gives seminars nationally (at places like NAWBO, Gen Art, and Media Bistro) and internationally (in Canada, Germany, and elsewhere).[citation needed]

She is a regular columnist for Oprah, CNN, Psychology Today, Huffington Post and MSN and writes a popular career column for amNY, one of New York's largest newspapers, called "The 1 Minute Career Therapist".[4] She is also a relationship expert for msn.com, match.com and Lifetime TV and a career coach for AOL (alongside Tom Peters and Brian Tracey). She has twenty-nine books, five TV development deals, two film deals, and one perfume named "Unavailable: it's more than a perfume, it's a philosophy."[5]

She is most known for creating a new breed of highly graphic and feisty self-help books — like her best sellers How To Be Happy, Dammit, Prince Harming Syndrome, Instant Happy and The Bounce Back Book — self-help books that she herself describes as being for "people who would never be caught dead reading self-help books" or "self-help books you can give as a gift and not get slapped because they look kinda cool".[citation needed]


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