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This article is about the fictional character. For Countess Spencer, see Karen Spencer, Countess Spencer.
Karen Spencer
Karen Spencer.jpg
The Bold and the Beautiful character
Portrayed by Joanna Johnson
Duration 1991–94, 2009, 2011–14
First appearance December 11, 1991 (1991-12-11)
Last appearance April 18, 2014
Created by William J. Bell
Classification Former; recurring
Other names Faith Roberts
Occupation Businesswoman
Residence New York City

Karen Spencer is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. After Joanna Johnson's character Caroline Spencer Forrester was killed off the show, Karen was created to bring back Johnson to the Soap Opera. She first appeared In 1991 and remained until 1994. Johnson briefly returned to the role on April 28, 2009, and again in July 2011 for a several week brief story-arc.[1]

Johnson was announced to be returning to the series in March 2012 with her daughter, Caroline.[2] In April 2012, it was announced that Crystal Chappell would join the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful as Caroline's "other" mother and Karen's wife, Danielle.[3]


Becoming Co-CEO of Spencer Publications[edit]

It was revealed that Karen had been working at Spencer Publications in New York City. Stephanie called her to offer her condolences about the death of her father, Bill Spencer, Sr.. She was present for the reading of her father's will where in it, he bequeathed 50% of Spencer Publications to her and the other 50% to her half-brother Bill Spencer Jr. She and Bill Jr. were also named the successor Co-CEOs of Spencer Publications. Although Karen was hesitant to assume the role, Stephanie assured her she would do a fine job. Karen then decided to stay around town and befriended Nick Marone. Karen attended her half-brother's wedding to Katie Logan in November 2009. She left town again shortly after, and focused on running the East Coast division of Spencer Publications back in New York. She returns in for Katie's surprise vow renewal ceremony in 2011.

Return to L.A. & Coming Out[edit]

Karen had a surprise of her own: a grown-up daughter she named after her late twin sister. Young Caroline was a budding designer that Brooke recruited to work with her son, Rick Forrester, in an attempt to keep Rick away from his scheming ex-wife, Amber Moore. Caroline moved to Los Angeles in 2012, and was soon followed by Karen and Karen's friend, Danielle.

Karen invites Caroline and her boyfriend, Thomas over. However, Karen insisted that Caroline keep the "family secret" when Thomas kept asking about Caroline's father. But Caroline finally convinced Karen to admit that Danielle was her spouse and Caroline's second mother. Thomas took the news in stride, but Karen was adamant that Bill not discover she had come out as a lesbian, even as Karen arranged to have Danielle interview with Bill for a job at Spencer.

Caroline later reveals to Thomas that Karen's father, Bill Spencer, Sr., wanted Karen to marry a junior executive at Spencer Publications but she refused. When he found out about Karen's relationship with Danielle, he refused to acknowledge Danielle or the fact that Karen had a partner. He also forced Karen to keep it a secret from everyone, including Bill Spencer, Jr. With Danielle's encouragement, Karen finally found the courage to come out to Bill. Instead of the homophobia she was sure he'd exhibit, Bill embraced Karen and accepted Danielle into the family. Months later, Karen and Danielle rushed to Caroline's side when she fell over a balcony during an argument with Bill. Caroline swore it was an accident, but Karen, among others, couldn't help wondering if Bill had pushed Caroline.

When it's revealed that her brother, Bill, had an affair with his sister-in-law, Brooke Logan, Katie divorces Bill and, as part of the settlement, Katie receives 1% ownership of Spencer Publications. Karen and Katie combine their stock, fire Bill from Spencer Publications and make Katie CEO of Spencer Publications.

Many months later, with Spencer faltering under Katie's leadership, Brooke and Bill approached Karen, asking her to reinstate Bill as CEO. Karen appreciated Bill's efforts to change, but she opted to keep Katie in the position. However, Brooke had kept papers Bill once tricked Katie into signing, documents which would give Bill joint custody of his and Katie's son, Will, as well as control of Spencer Publishing again. Brooke had stopped Bill from filing them, but now used them to force Katie to relinquish the CEO chair to Bill, and Karen went back to owning 50% of the company, as before.

Return to New York[edit]

Karen once again leaves L.A. for New York, this time leaving with Danielle. The two make their home in NYC once again, with Karen back to running the East Coast operations of Spencer Publishing. Karen and Danielle later hosted Caroline for an extended visit. When Caroline was struck by a car, Karen and Danielle helped their wheelchair-bound daughter convalesce.


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