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This article is about the beer. For the sports brand, see Karhu Sports. For the special operations unit, see Karhu Team.
Karhu logo
Manufacturer Sinebrychoff
Introduced 1898
Alcohol by volume 8.0% (Tosi Vahva Karhu)
5.4% (Karhu IVA)
4.6% (Karhu III)
Style Pale lager
Original gravity 16.5% PI (Tosi Vahva Karhu)
12.3% PI (Karhu IVA)
10.5% PI (Karhu III)
IBU scale 18 (Karhu III)

Karhu is a Finnish beer brand owned by the Sinebrychoff brewery, part of the Carlsberg Group. Karhu, meaning bear in Finnish, is a pale lager with a strong taste.

The brewing of Karhu began in 1929. In 2010, Karhu had the largest market share of any Finnish beer.[1] The original Pori Brewery was bought by Sinebrychoff in1972. From 2006 the beer has been made in a new brewery in Kerava. The Pori brewery was closed in 2009.

Karhu beers[edit]

Karhu's ingredients are water, barley, malt, barley starch and hops. The number in parentheses is alcohol percentage by volume (ABV).

  • Karhu III (4.6% or 5.4%)
  • Karhu A (5.3%)
  • Karhu Real Strong (8.0%)
  • Karhu Dark I (2.8%)
  • Karhu Rye (4.6%)
  • Karhu Double Hops (4.6%)
  • Karhu Frosted (4.6%)

Marketing slogans[edit]

  • Karhu on täyttä olutta.
    • "Karhu is a full-bodied beer."
  • Jokainen Karhu on täyttä olutta ensipuraisusta viimeiseen pisaraan.
    • "Every Karhu is a full-bodied beer from the first bite to the last drop."
  • Kesyttämätön Karhu on lajinsa vahvin.
    • "Untamed Karhu is the strongest of its breed."
  • Korkkaa huurteisen kylmänä ja nauti täyteläisestä mausta.
    • "Uncap when frosty cold and enjoy the full-bodied flavour."

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