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Kari is either a male or female given name, or a surname.

Given name[edit]

In Finland, Kari is a male name, which was particularly popular in the 1940s and 1950s. The name is derived from the Greek Makarios (or Macarius).

In Norway, Kari is a popular female name. This name is diminutive of Katharine, meaning "pure". The corresponding Swedish and German name is Karin.

In Iceland and Faroe Islands, Kári is a male name, based on a Scandinavian god of wind of the same name. The corresponding Norwegian male name is Kåre or Kaare.


Kari is a popular surname in South India. In Andhra Pradesh the village of Karivari Palem is named after the surname; in the village Inkollu,Gangavaram almost 60% families have this surname. Kari can also be spelt Kahri.

Kari is also a Finnish surname, meaning a small island, islet, or an underwater rock. There are currently 2242 holders of the name (2015).[1]

Famous people named Kari[edit]

Females with the given name[edit]

Males with the given name[edit]

People with the surname[edit]

People with the nickname[edit]

Fictional and mythological characters[edit]

  • Kári, son of Fornjót, the personification of wind in Norse mythology
  • Kari Grandi, Finnish advertising character
  • Hikari "Kari" Kamiya, a character in Digimon media
  • Kari Nordmann, Norwegian placeholder name
  • Kari Ragnarsson, a character in the book Snow-walker by Catherine Fisher

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