Karikachi Pass

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Karikachi Pass
Left is Ishikari and right is Tokachi (July 2007)
Elevation 644 m (2,113 ft)[1]
Traversed by Japan National Route 38
Location Japan
Range Hidaka Mountains
Coordinates 43°8′9.6″N 142°45′53.9″E / 43.136000°N 142.764972°E / 43.136000; 142.764972Coordinates: 43°8′9.6″N 142°45′53.9″E / 43.136000°N 142.764972°E / 43.136000; 142.764972
Topo map Geographical Survey Institute
25000:1 狩勝峠
25000:1 落合
50000:1 夕張岳

Karikachi Pass (狩勝峠?, Karikachi-tōge) is a mountain pass at the north end of the Hidaka Mountains of Hokkaidō, Japan. The pass traverses the mountains at 644 metres (2,113 ft) and is 21 kilometres (13.0 mi) long. The road is 5.5 metres (18.0 ft) wide with a maximum grade of 5.3%. The minimum curve radius is 90 metres (300 ft). Snow is possible on the pass from October to May.[1] Japan National Route 38 crosses the pass between Minamifurano and Shintoku.


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