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Karim Amer (born 1984) is an Egyptian-American film producer and director. Along with Jehane Noujaim, he worked on The Square (2013) and The Great Hack (2019),[1] the former of which earned them a nomination for an Academy Award.

Life and work[edit]

Amer and film making partner and wife Jehane Noujaim[2] met whilst she was filming The Square,[3] which he went on to co-produce with her. That film is about the Egyptian Crisis up until 2013, starting with the Egyptian revolution of 2011 at Tahrir Square. They co-directed and co-produced The Great Hack, about the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal,[4] and are working on a film about the Sony Pictures hack.[2][5] They are also working on a TV series "aimed at challenging perceptions of the Arab world as portrayed by such shows as Homeland and Tyrant".[6]




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