Karin Gayer

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Karin Gayer
Born 1969
Mödling, Austria
Occupation Writer
Nationality Austrian
Period Contemporary

Karin Gayer (born 1969 in Mödling near Vienna) is an Austrian writer. She published poetry and narrative fiction.


Karin Gayer was born in May 1969 in Mödling while she is living today in Vienna.[1] She began to study psychology but interrupted and ended her studies because she "could not find what she was searching for″.[1] Then she worked in various social professions. Karin Gayer began to write literature at school. In the beginning she only published in Austrian literary magazines, for example in Zenit and Wienzeile. Her first book made its appearance in 2002 and was published by Arovell Verlag.


  • Flechtwerk, poetry and small prose, Arovell Verlag, Gosau 2002, ISBN 3-901435-46-8
  • Vorgänge im Labyrinth, poetry and prose (anthology, with 3 co-authors), Arovell Verlag, Gosau 2004, ISBN 3-901435-66-2
  • Nachtfieber, novel, Arovell Verlag, Gosau 2009, ISBN 978-3-902547-84-2


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