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Karin Takahashi
Native name
Born (2000-07-22) July 22, 2000 (age 19)
  • Singer
  • actress
Years active2012-present
RelativesMirei Takahashi (sister)
Musical career
Years active2012–present
Associated acts Prism Mates

Karin Takahashi (髙橋果鈴, Takahashi Karin, born July 22, 2000) is a Japanese singer and actress. She debuted as a member of the girl group Prizmmy, where she also made television appearances in the live-action segments of the Pretty Rhythm anime series. Following the group's disbandment in 2017, she appeared in 2.5D musicals and other musical theatre productions. Notable roles include Sailor Saturn in Sailor Moon: Amour Eternal and Un Nouveau Voyage and Sayu Yagami in Death Note: The Musical.


Takahashi appeared as a Roni Girl, a tween dance and modeling group, in 2010 as a 2nd and 3rd generation member.[1] Her dance stage name during her time was 'CaN'.

In 2011, she was featured in Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream along with Mia Kusakabe and Reina Kubo (Ayami Sema joined later) where they were portrayed as trainees. She also hosted Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future and Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live Pretty Rhythm Studio along with the other members of Prizmmy☆ and Prism☆Mates. As a member of Prizmmy☆ / Prism☆Box she participated in singing the theme songs of those anime including its successor PriPara. Karin has released a total of 12 singles with Prizmmy☆, three singles as a member of Prism☆Box, three albums as a member of Prizmmy☆ and also participated in their mini-album LOVE TROOPER, which was released in February 2016.[2] In their first album TAKE OFF!!, she was given a solo song, called "Tear Smile".[3]

Sailor Moon - First Acting Career[edit]

In 2015, she was chosen for the Sailor Moon Musical Un Nouveau Voyage where she played the role of Sailor Saturn. She received a lot of popularity after participating in this musical.

In 2016, she played Sailor Saturn again in the Sailor Moon Musical ~ Amour Eternal.

In April 2017, she, along with the rest of the Sailor Moon Musical Cast (except Chibiusa) attended Anime Matsuri[4] in Houston, Texas as guests.

After 6 years with Prizmmy, Karin decided to pursue a career in musicals after she realized her love for acting during her time in Sailor Moon.


TV Appearances[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2011–2012 Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream Herself Trainee days with Reina and Mia. Ayami soon came after.
2012–2013 Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future The whole anime was based on Prizmmy☆ and their 'rival' group Puretty.

They appeared in the end along with Prism Mates and Puretty.

2013–2014 Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live Only appearing in a couple of episodes for "Pretty Rhythm Club"

where they would play games.


Year Title Role Notes
2017 Premier Mobile [5] Granddaughter Is cast alongside Sana Ishii former Prism Mates


Year Title Role Notes
2017 NTT Docomo "Mobile Phone Safety - Trouble that occurs when personal information is released"[6] Friend Released on April 27, 2017.



Year Title Role Notes
2015 Sailor Moon ~Un Nouveau Voyage~ (美少女戦士 セーラームーンミュージカル ~ Un Nouveau Voyage ~)[7] Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe / Mistress 9 Her debut stage as a musical actress.

September 18-25, October 2-4 2015

2016 Actually, I am... (実は私は)[8] Rin Kiryuin The granddaughter of the main character Asahi.

May 11-15, 2016

Sailor Moon ~Amour Eternal~ (美少女戦士 セーラームーンミュージカル ~ Amour Eternal ~)[9] Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe October 15, 2016
2017 PriPara Live Musical: Reach everyone! PrismVoice (ライブミュージカル プリパラ み~んなにとどけ!プリズム☆ボイス) Herself / Dancer (Ensemble) Cast along with Hina Miyazaki

January 26-29 2017

Death Note: The Musical[10] Sayu Yagami Light's little sister

June 24-25 - September 2017

2018 Love and Youth (愛と青春キップ)[11] Mie Yoshizawa Waitress of the ship’s cafeteria

October 25 - November 11, 2018

2019 A Miracle Every Thousand Years (千年に1度の奇跡)[12] Allium Heroine

November 7 - 10, 2019


Year Title Role Notes
2016 Goodnight Jack the Ripper (おやすみジャックザリッパー)[13] Little Red Riding Hood Only plays Little Red Riding Hood for the last show.

Guest appearance along with Mia Kusakabe.

April 24, 2016

ShizuGeki "Stride" (シズ☆ゲキ ”ストライド”) Yuri Nakajima Cast along with Mia Kusakabe

July 6-10 2016

2018 Children of the Whales (クジラの子らは砂上に歌う) Sami Suou's little sister

January 25-28, February 2-4, 2018

Gorilla ~GORILLA~ (ゴリラ 〜GORILLA〜)[14] Ibra Main Role / Heroine

1st stage with Otona Pro

April 18-22, 2018

Come here Josephine! (こっちにおいで、ジョセフィーヌ) Josephine Lead Role (Team Pluie)

2nd Stage with Otona Pro

May 23-27, 2018

Brave Seiyan (勇者セイヤンの物語〜ノストラダム男の予言〜)[15] Grass 3 Daughter of Grass 1 and Grass 2

3rd Stage with Otona Pro

July 25-29, 2018

2019 Magical Girl (?) Magical Ja Silica (魔法少女(?)マジカルジャシリカ -第壱磁マジカル大戦-)[16] Vatican Koromochi Her character is from the Vatican.

4th Stage with Otona Pro

March 13-17, 2019

Back to the Your Smile ~Do you laugh at Robots?" (バック・トゥ・ザ・君の笑顔〜ロボットって笑うっけ?〜) Brown July 22-28, 2019
Together with the Shower of that Day (あの日の通り雨に共に) Gal Played the role of a foster child for the first time

August 21-25, 2019


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