Karjalan Sanomat

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Karjalan Sanomat
Founded 1920
Language Finnish
Headquarters Petrozavodsk
Website www.karjalansanomat.ru

Karjalan Sanomat (Karelian News) is a Finnish language newspaper from the Republic of Karelia, published in Petrozavodsk.

Previous names:

  • 1920-1923: Karjalan kommuuni (Carelian Commune)
  • 1923-1937: Punainen Karjala (Red Carelia)
  • 1938-1940: Советской Карелия (Soviet Carelia)[1]
  • 1940-1955: Totuus (Truth)
  • 1955-1957: Leninilainen totuus (Lenin's Truth)
  • 1957-1991: Neuvosto-Karjala (Soviet Carelia)
  • 1991-: Karjalan sanomat (Carelian News)

From 1938 to 1940 the newspaper was printed in Karelian using Cyrillic, rather than Finnish.

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