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Karjiang is located in Tibet
Location in Tibet
Elevation 7,221 m (23,691 ft)[1]
Prominence 880 m (2,890 ft)
Parent peak Kula Kangri
Location Tibet, China
Range Himalaya
Coordinates 28°15′29″N 90°38′50″E / 28.258122°N 90.647163°E / 28.258122; 90.647163Coordinates: 28°15′29″N 90°38′50″E / 28.258122°N 90.647163°E / 28.258122; 90.647163
First ascent Unclimbed

Karjiang is a mountain in Tibet, located near the BhutanChina border. The highest peak of the Karjiang group is Karjiang I or Karjiang South, with an elevation of 7,221 metres (23,691 ft);[1] it remains unclimbed.[2] Other peaks include Karjiang North (7196 m), Karjiang II/Central (7045 m), Karjiang III or Taptol Kangri (6820 m) and the top of the north-eastern shoulder (6400 m).


In 1986, a Japanese expedition led by N. Shigo climbed Karjiang II (Central).[3][4]

Karjiang I remains unclimbed. A Dutch expedition attempted to climb Karjiang during September–October 2001 without success.[5] The group consisted of Haroen Schijf, Rudolf van Aken, Pepijn Bink, Court Haegens, Willem Horstmann and Rein-Jan Koolwijk. The group climbed Karjiang III. According to Schijf, Karjiang I looked very steep and difficult to climb, and the bad weather made an attempt too dangerous.[4]

In 2010, Joe Puryear and David Gottlieb gained the Shipton-Tilman Award to attempt climbing Karjiang. However, they did not receive the necessary permit, and made an attempt to climb Labuche Kang 420 kilometres (260 mi) to the west, during which Puryear died.[2]


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