Karkur junction suicide bombing

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Karkur junction suicide bombing
Part of the Second Intifada militancy campaign
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The attack site
Location Karkur Junction, Wadi Ara
Coordinates 32°27′54″N 34°59′38″E / 32.46500°N 34.99389°E / 32.46500; 34.99389
Date October 21, 2002
Attack type
suicide bomber
Deaths 7 soldiers and 7 civilians (+ 2 suicide bombers)
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Islamic Jihad

The Karkur junction bus bombing was a suicide attack on October 21, 2002 at the Karkur junction near Wadi Ara, Israel. The attack, carried out by Islamic Jihad, killed 14 passengers and wounded 50.

The attack[edit]

Egged commuter bus 841 was on its way on Route No. 65 from Kiryat Shmona to Tel Aviv when it stopped at the Karkur Junction, about 8 kilometers from Hadera at the afternoon rush hour. A passenger got on and spoke to driver Chaim Avraham, but before he could answer, a jeep loaded with an estimated 100 kilograms of TNT rammed the back of the bus, causing an explosion. A fire broke out, causing a chain of explosions from the ammunition carried by soldiers who were riding the bus.[1] The explosion ignited the fuel tank, leaving the bus completely gutted. The blaze initially prevented the police and rescue workers from approaching the bus, which was reduced to a blackened skeleton.[2]

7 Israeli soldiers and 7 civilians were killed in the attack and 50 passengers were wounded.[3]

The terrorist attack came two days before United States Assistant Secretary of State William Burns was due to visit Israel as part of a tour of Middle East nations, seeking support for an invasion of Iraq.


The victims of the Karkur junction suicide bombing:

  • Cpl. Sharon Tubol, 19, of Arad
  • St.-Sgt. Aiman Sharuf, 20, of Isfiya
  • St.-Sgt. Nir Nahum, 20, of Carmiel
  • Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Eliezer Moskovitch, 40, of Petah Tikva
  • Cpl. Ilona Hanukayev, 20, of Hadera
  • St.-Sgt. Liat Ben-Ami, 20, of Haifa
  • Sgt. Esther Pesachov, 19, of Givat Olga

The perpetrators[edit]

The military wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Al-Quds Brigades, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that it was carried out by Ashraf al-Asama, 18, and Mohammed al-Hasnin, 19, both from the West Bank city of Jenin.

Official reactions[edit]

The Palestinian Authority said it condemned the suicide bombing. An Israeli official expressed skepticism, declaring that “The Palestinian Authority has become a prime authority on terror and could not care less about preventing it."[4]

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