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Karl Peter Brazil (born 27 May 1977 in Solihull, England)[1] is an English session drummer. He is best known as the drummer for the British indie rock band Feeder, replacing the band's previous drummer Mark Richardson.[2] He is also often seen working with other big name pop and rock artists, both on tour and in the studio. Brazil has become one of the top rated drummers around the United Kingdom.


During his younger years, Karl happened to have quite the musical family, influenced by them at quite a young age. This caused Brazil to adapt quite easy to any playing style which is recommended to him by any band he happens to be playing for.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Born in Solihull, he is a dedicated supporter of Birmingham City F.C..[4]


Brazil currently uses Gretsch drums,[3] Sabian cymbals, [4]Roland electronic drums, Remo drumheads, DW hardware LP percussion and Vic Firth drumsticks.[5]

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