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Karl D. Gregory House

Karl D. Gregory Cooperative House is a member of the Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan. The structure that stands at 1617 Washtenaw was originally built in 1909 for the Tau Gamma Nu fraternity, but was purchased by the ICC in 1995. Gregory House is the only house in the organization that is expressly substance free. No tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs are allowed on the property. Gregory House has a maximum capacity of 29 members (by way of 13 single and 8 double capacity rooms) as of June 2008.

House Culture[edit]

The "Gregorians" pride themselves on being commonly known as one of the cleanest houses in the ICC. Some may say that is due to the substance free living which creates less of a party atmosphere and therefore cuts down on house maintenance.

Gregory House is also one of the technologically advanced houses in the ICC. In the 2000-2001 school year, Gregory House was the first of the ICC to purchase broadband internet and run ethernet cable to every room. There is now secure wireless internet access throughout the house, as well as a computer in the common room for the use of all members.

Karl D. Gregory to the Co-op[edit]

Karl D. Gregory is an alumnus of Nakamura House. Gregory has been a long time activist of civil and human rights. After being successful under appointments by Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Carter, and Reagan, he generously donated $20,000 to the ICC. This was used to acquire the Karl D. Gregory Cooperative House, named in his honor.

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