Karl Dilthey

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Karl Dilthey

Karl Dilthey (18 March 1839, Biebrich – 4 March 1907, Göttingen) was a German classical scholar and archaeologist.

After studying at Breslau and Bonn, Dilthey — younger brother of the renowned philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey — travelled to Greece. After being privatdozent at Bonn until 1866/67, he moved to Rome and in 1869 to Zurich, where he was appointed a full professor of classical philology and archaeology. In 1878 he moved to Göttingen as a full professor of classical philology, later archaeology. He became director to the archaeological-numismatic collections of the university and a full member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences.

Published works[edit]

  • De Callimachi Cydippa, 1863.
  • Analecta Callimachea, 1865.
  • Novellen und Erzählungen, 1872 – Novellas and short stories (3 volumes).
  • Observationes criticae in anthologiam graecam additae sunt, 1878.
  • Adduntur epigrammata graeca in muris picta duo tabulis lithographis expressa, 1879.
  • De epigrammatum graecorum syllogis quibusdam minoribus commentatio, 1887.
  • Symbolae criticae ad anthologiam graecam ex libris manu scriptis petitae, 1891.[1]
  • Otfried Müller, 1898 – On Otfried Müller (1797–1840); from a lecture given at the Georg-Augusts-Universität on December 1, 1897.[2]

Further reading[edit]

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