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Karl Otto Fazer
A portrait of Karl Fazer
Born (1866-08-16)August 16, 1866
Helsinki, Finland
Died October 9, 1932(1932-10-09) (aged 66)
Jokioinen, Finland
Nationality Finland
Occupation Businessperson, confectioner, sport shooter

Karl Otto Fazer (Finnish pronunciation: [fɑtser]; 16 August 1866 – 9 October 1932) was a Finnish businessman and sport shooter.

He was born in Helsinki and died in Jokioinen. He had four children and was the grandfather of Peter Fazer. His father, Eduard Peter Fazer (originally Fatzer), was a Swiss-born furrier.

Fazer studied baking in Berlin, Paris, and Saint Petersburg before becoming a pioneer of Finnish confectionery. Together with his wife Berta he opened a French-Russian confectionery at Glogatan (Kluuvikatu) 3 in Helsinki on 17 September 1891. Later he opened a chocolate and candy factory in Punavuori.

Fazer, the company he founded, is still in existence. Many of its products have become classic. This is particularly true of the "Fazer Blue" ("Fazerin Sininen" in Finnish, "Fazer blå" in Swedish), a brand of chocolate that is often compared to salmiakki, as a candy that is a part of the Finnish national identity. The (Swiss) recipe for the Fazer Blue was received into the family as a gratitude to Karl Fazer's son Sven Fazer for taking care of a sick boy. The same recipe has been in use ever since 1922, when the chocolate was introduced to the market in its characteristic blue packaging.

Karl Fazer was a nature lover, birdwatcher, hunter and a fisherman. He founded many natural parks in Finland.

1912 Olympics[edit]

He was also an excellent marksman, and he participated the Olympic Games in 1912 with the Finnish shooting team. He placed twelfth in men's trap and fifth in men's team clay pigeons.

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