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Carl Wilhelm Hübner Poststation in Schwarzwald.jpg

Karl Wilhelm Hübner (1814–1879) was a German genre painter. He was born at Königsberg, and was a pupil of the Düsseldorf Academy.

Hübner's works were especially popular in the Netherlands and in North America, where he was received with enthusiasm in 1874. His genre subjects include:

  • "The Silesian Weavers" (1844)
  • "The Sleeping Wood Thief" (1845)
  • "The Abandoned" (1846)
  • "The Seizure for Debt" (1848), Königsberg Museum
  • "The Sinner at the Church Door" (1874), National Gallery, Berlin
  • "Consolation in Prayer" (1875), Düsseldorf Gallery
  • "The Recovery", Pennsylvania Museum of Fine Arts


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