Karl Hargestam

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Karl Hargestam
Occupation(s)Evangelist, Non-Profit Founder, Executive Director, Pastor, Author, Missionary
Years active2010–present
Notable worksee below

Karl Hargestam is a Swedish author, public speaker, and entrepreneur who currently resides in Bakersfield. He is best known for writing Mission One Eleven: The Core (2015), Assignment: Path Unveiled (2014),[1] Journey to the Extreme (2010)[2] among others.


At the age of 21 Karl Hargestam left his native Sweden with the mandate to reach the unreached people in Africa with the Gospel.[3] During his early mission work in Africa, Karl, together with his family and staff, became the reason for great change among African tribes that never had heard of Jesus.[4][5] A vision, "One Chance for Every Person" was born from the conviction that it should be a provided access to hear the gospel at least once. Karl and his wife Jennifer are founders of Joshua Campaign International, Mission One Eleven and several other organizations.[6]


  • The Assignment Workbook (2010)
  • The Assignment: Journey To The Extreme (2010)
  • Mission One Eleven: The Core (2015)
Kindle Edition
  • The Assignment: Journey To The Extreme VOL 1
  • The Assignment: Path Unveiled (Vol. 2)


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