Karl Jaspers Prize

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Karl Jaspers Prize
Country Germany
Presented by Heidelberg, University of Heidelberg
Reward(s) €5,000
First awarded 1983
Website http://www.heidelberg.de/hd,Lde/HD/Rathaus/Karl_Jaspers_Preis.html Edit this on Wikidata

The Karl Jaspers Prize or Karl-Jaspers-Preis is a German philosophy award named after Karl Jaspers and awarded by the city of Heidelberg and the University of Heidelberg. It was first awarded in 1983 "for a scientific work of international significance supported by philosophical spirit".[1] The Karl Jaspers Prize is endowed with 5,000 euros. Next to the Friedrich Nietzsche Prize it is one of the highest awards in Germany awarded exclusively for philosophical achievements.

Award winners[edit]

Year Winner Nationality
2014 Hans Maier[2]  Germany
2008 Jean-Luc Marion[3]  France
2004 Michael Theunissen  Germany
2001 Robert Spaemann  Germany
1998 Jean Starobinski   Switzerland
1995 Jürgen Habermas  Germany
1992 Jeanne Hersch   Switzerland
1989 Paul Ricœur  France
1986 Hans-Georg Gadamer  Germany
1983 Emmanuel Levinas  France

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