Karl Joseph Eberth

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Karl Joseph Eberth
Karl Joseph Eberth.jpg
Born (1835-09-21)21 September 1835
Died 2 December 1926(1926-12-02) (aged 91)
Nationality German
Fields Bacteriology, Pathology
Alma mater University of Würzburg
Doctoral students Oswald Bumke
Known for Discovery of the typhoid bacillus

Karl Joseph Eberth (21 September 1835 – 2 December 1926) was a German pathologist and bacteriologist who was a native of Würzburg.


In 1859 he earned his doctorate at the University of Würzburg, and became an assistant to anatomist Albert von Kölliker (1817–1905). In 1869 he became a full professor of pathological anatomy at the University of Zurich, and from 1881 until his retirement in 1911, he was a professor at the University of Halle.

In 1880 Eberth described a bacillus that he suspected was the cause of typhoid.[1] In 1884 pathologist Georg Theodor August Gaffky (1850–1918) confirmed Eberth's findings,[2] and the organism was given names such as "Eberthella typhi", "Eberth's bacillus" and "Gaffky-Eberth bacillus". Today the bacillus that causes typhoid fever goes by the scientific name of Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar Typhi.[3][4]

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Selected works[edit]

  • Untersuchungen über nematoden, (Leipzig : W. Engelmann, 1863).
  • Zur Kenntnis der Bacteritischen Mykosen, (Leipzig : Engelmann, 1872).[7]
  • Zur kenntniss der blutplättchen bei den niederen wirbelthieren, (Leipzig, Engelmann, 1887).
  • Die Thrombose nach Versuchen und Leichenbefunden, with Curt Schimmelbusch, (Stuttgart, 1888).
  • Die männlichen Geschlechtsorgane, (Jena, Fischer, 1904).[8]

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