Karl Marx: His Life and Environment

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Karl Marx: His Life and Environment
Karl Marx, his life and environment (1959 edition).jpg
Cover of the 1959 edition
AuthorIsaiah Berlin
CountryUnited Kingdom
SubjectKarl Marx
PublisherThornton Butterworth
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardcover and Paperback)
Pages222 (1995 edition)

Karl Marx: His Life and Environment is a 1939 biography of Karl Marx by the historian of ideas Isaiah Berlin.[1] The book charts the chief phases of Marx’ life, and renders his ideas ‘with a sympathetic grasp both of it subject’s motives and his limitations’.[2]


The historian Peter Gay wrote that Karl Marx: His Life and Environment is one of the best discussions of alienation in the literature on Marx and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and among such accounts, distinguished by its lucidity.[3] Berlin's style of writing has been praised by the political scientist David McLellan,[1] and the philosopher John Gray.[4]


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