Karl Marx: The Story of His Life

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Karl Marx: The Story of His Life
Karl Marx, The Story of His Life (first edition).jpg
Cover of the first edition
AuthorFranz Mehring
Original titleKarl Marx. Geschichte seines Lebens
TranslatorEdward Fitzgerald
SubjectKarl Marx
  • 1918 (in German)
  • 1935 (Covici, Friede, Inc, in English)
Media typePrint (Hardcover and Paperback)
Pages608 (English edition)

Karl Marx: The Story of His Life (German: Karl Marx. Geschichte seines Lebens) is a 1918[1] book about the philosopher Karl Marx by the German historian Franz Mehring. Considered the classical biography of Marx,[2] the work has been translated into many languages, including Russian (1920), Swedish (1921–1922), Danish (1922), Hungarian (1925), Japanese (1930), Spanish (1932), English (1935), and Hebrew (1940–1941).[3]


The political scientist David McLellan writes that Karl Marx: The Story of His Life is the "classical biography of Marx", adding that it is now "slightly hagiographical" and out of date.[2] In 1953 Louis Althusser wrote that it is the "most comprehensive and interesting historical study of Marx".[4]



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  • McLellan, David (1995). Karl Marx: A Biography. London: Papermac. ISBN 0-333-63947-2.
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