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Carl (Karl) Ruben (born 4 August 1903, date of death unknown) was a Danish chess master.[1]

He won a match against Johannes Pedersen (1.5–0.5) at Aalborg 1927,[2] tied for 2nd-3rd in Danish Championship at Vordingborg 1927 (Erik Andersen won), shared 2nd at Copenhagen 1927 (Politiken, Géza Maróczy won),[3] tied for 5-6th at Copenhagen 1928 (Aron Nimzowitsch won), tied for 7-9th at Svendborg 1930 (DEN-ch, Andersen won),[4] and won a simultan game against Alexander Alekhine at Copenhagen 1930.[5]

Ruben played four times for Denmark in Chess Olympiads in 1927, 1928, 1930, 1931, and won team silver medal at London 1927.[6]


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