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Karl Sabbagh
Khalil Sabbagh

Worcestershire, England
OccupationWriter, journalist, producer

Karl Sabbagh is a Palestinian-British writer, journalist and television producer. His work is mainly non-fiction writing pieces: he has written books about historical events and produced documentaries for both British and American broadcasters.

Karl Sabbagh was born in Worcestershire, England in the early 1940s. His father was the Palestinian Christian broadcaster Isa Sabbagh, at the time working for the BBC Arabic Service;[1] his mother, born Pamela Graydon, was English, of American and Irish parentage. His parents divorced soon after he was born, and his father later lived in the United States, but Karl (originally named Khalil after his grandfather) remained in England with his mother.

Sabbagh's book Palestine (2006) interweaves a history of Palestine from the 18th century, with an account of his paternal family, who were prominent christian members of Palestinian society in Galilee throughout that period, settled in the town of Safad from at least the beginning of the 19th century. The book includes a critical account of the Zionist settlement and eventual takeover of Palestine in the first half of the 20th century.


  • The Living Body (1984; with Christiaan Barnard).
  • Skyscraper: The Making of a Building (1989) (the story of the building of One Worldwide Plaza)
  • Magic or Medicine?: An Investigation of Healing & Healers (1993; with Rob Buckman) (an investigation of alternative medicine)
  • Twenty-First-Century Jet: The Making and Marketing of the Boeing 777 (1996)
  • A Rum Affair: A True Story Of Botanical Fraud (1999) (about the botanical fraud perpetrated by John William Heslop-Harrison)
  • Power into Art (2000)
  • The Riemann Hypothesis: The Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics (2002) (about the Riemann Hypothesis)
  • Palestine: A Personal History (2006)
  • Your Case is Hopeless: Bracing Advice From the Boy's Own Paper (2007)
  • Remembering our Childhood: How Memory Betrays Us (2009)
  • The Hair of the Dog and Other Scientific Surprises (2009)
  • The Trials of Lady Jane Douglas (2014)
  • Antisemitism Wars: How the British Media Failed Their Public (2018) ISBN 9781911072362

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