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Karl Watson
Personal information
Full nameKarl Watson
Born (1976-09-22) 22 September 1976 (age 44)[1]
Richmond, CA, U.S.A

Karl Watson (born September 22nd, 1976) is a regular-footed professional American skateboarder, skate video director, and author from the San Francisco Bay Area.[2][3]

Early life[edit]

Watson was born in Richmond, California and raised in San Francisco.[4]


Karl Watson was given his first skateboard on Christmas day in 1987.[5] Three years later, Watson received sponsorship, at the age of 13, and at 17, while still at McAteer High School, Watson turned pro for Clean skateboards.[3] Watson's first sponsor was Dogtown skateboards and his first full skate video part was in DTS, The Video (’91).[6][7] The first time Watson's name appeared on a board was with his second sponsor, Think Skateboards, with the Missing Children deck, featuring Watson alongside Nick Lockman, Sam Smyth, and Shawn Mandoli.[8] Released in 1995 on Profile skateboards, Watson's first solo deck graphic was a based on an "afrocentric" stick-figure scene Watson appropriated from a work of art his mom had hanging on her wall.[9] Additionally, Watson released a deck with a popular graphic for Mad Circle skateboards depicting a man with dreads.[9]

Watson is known for his laid back skate style.[10]

Watson's first signature skate shoe was released by IPath Footwear in 2000.[3] Throughout his career, Watson skated for Mad Circle Skateboards, Organika Skateboards, and Blind Skateboards.[11] In 2008, Watson directed Zach & Walker's Concrete Jungle with Matt Daughters for Organika Skateboards.[12]

In 2005, Watson worked with Keith "K-Dub" Williams and Adjoa Murden in advocating for the construction of a skatepark in Oakland, a successful effort that would become Town Park skatepark.[4] Watson also worked with Williams on the Hood Games, a mixing of hip-hop and skateboarding culture.[13]

In 2018, Watson and Nick Lockman founded Maxallure.[14] The founding team consisted of Watson, Lil Dre, Jonathan Perez, De Marquis McDaniels, Tafari Whitter, and Marcello Campanello.[15]


In 2017, Watson collaborated with illustrator Henry Jones, writing a children's book: My First Skateboard Book.[16] Watson's book introduces children to the world of skateboarding.[17][18]

Personal life[edit]

Watson is a father and a pescatarian.[11] Watson had a tumor on his Pineal gland.[11]

Watson currently manages the Adidas flow team.[19]


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