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Carl von Urban, 1850

Karl (Carl) Freiherr von Urban (born 31 August 1802 in Cracovia; died 1 January 1877 in Brno) was an Austrian Field Marshal.

In command of a 1,500 strong Grenz infantry he suppressed the 10,000 Men strong revolt of the Székelys,[1] and on 18 November 1848, he defeated the Insurgents at Klausenburg.[2]

During the Italian Campaign of 1859, von Urban was ordered to check Garibaldis Alpine Hunters on the Austrian right flank.[3] Due to the Franco-Sardinian advance after Magenta and the defeats at Varese and San Fermo, von Urban retreated to the Mincio. After Solferino, von Urban was appointed supreme commander over Verona.[2]

Karl von Urban committed suicide on 1 January 1877 in Brno.


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