Karl von Vincent

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Karl von Vincent
Born 11 August 1757 (1757-08-11)
Florence, Grand Duchy of Tuscany
Died 7 October 1834 (1834-10-08) (aged 77)
Bioncourt, France
Allegiance Austrian Empire Austrian Empire
Service/branch Cavalry
Rank General of Cavalry
Battles/wars Brabant Revolution
French Revolutionary Wars
Napoleonic Wars
Awards Military Order of Maria Theresa, KC 1790, CC 1806
Order of Leopold, CC 1809, GC 1815
Order of Saint Stephen, GC 1825
Other work Inhaber Chevau-léger Regiment # 4
Privy Councillor, 1810

Karl Freiherr von Vincent, born 11 August 1757 – died 7 October 1834, fought in the army of Habsburg Austria during the French Revolutionary Wars. He first served as a staff officer then later as a combat commander. During the Napoleonic Wars, he was given important commands in two campaigns. He was Proprietor (Inhaber) of a famous light cavalry regiment from 1806 until his death.

For his actions in putting down the Brabant Revolution of 1789 and 1790, he earned an important award. In the War of the First Coalition he was Aide-de-camp to two distinguished generals. During the War of the Second Coalition, he commanded a regiment, then a brigade. He led the rear guard during the 1805 campaign. He commanded a division through all the major battles of 1809. He was governor-general of Belgium in 1814, and was present at the Battle of Waterloo as an Austrian observer.



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