Karl von Zois

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Karl von Zois

Karl von Zois zu Laibach (1756–1799) was a Slovenian amateur botanist and plant collector.[1] Von Zois was described as a "country gentleman".[1] He is best known today as the namesake of zoysiagrass,[2] which was named by Carl Ludwig Willdenow in 1801.[1] The bellflower Campanula zoysii is also named after him.[3]

The Zois family was of Lombard origin; Karl's father was Michelangelo Zois (1694–1777), a merchant who married a Carniolan noblewoman, and was nobilitated in 1739. The family was based in Ljubljana (German: Laibach). His brother was natural scientist and patron of the arts Sigmund Zois.


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