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The Karlal (Urdu کرڑال also known as Kard'al, Karaal, Karhral, or Kiraal) is a Pahari and Hinko speaking tribe in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.


In 1822 Ranjit Singh sent a large force under General Amar Singh Majithia, to subdue the troublesome tribes of Hazara, which was defeated by the Karlals, killing Amar Singh.[1] From 1822 to 1845 the Karlal tribe fought many battles with Sikhs and was able to retain its independence throughout the Sikh period.[2] In 1844 Lahore Darbar sent a large force under Diwan Mulraj and Hari Singh to subdue the Karlal country. Taking advantage of the terrain, the Karlals were able to defeat the Sikh army at Nah, killing more than 150 Sikh soldiers. Despite of the Sikh Empire holding parts of lower Hazara, including some Karlal territory, the Karlal tribe paid no tribute to the Sikh Empire and remained Independent.[3]

Notable people[edit]


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