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Fountain at Karlaplan
Karlaplan from Karlavägen

Karlaplan is an open park-plaza area in Östermalm in Stockholm. The architect Lindhagen was created the characteristic form of the plaza, during the 1890s. It was created in the image of Place de l'Étoile in Paris. The plaza is named in honour of all the Swedish kings called Karl, like Karl X Gustav, Karl XI and Karl XII. Flygarmonumentet is located at Karlaplan.

August Strindberg lived on Karlaplan from 1901 until 1908. During World War I, the park was used to grow vegetables. It remains one of the most exclusive and expensive places to live in Stockholm city, adjacent to the Royal Park, Djurgården.

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Coordinates: 59°20′19″N 18°05′26″E / 59.33861°N 18.09056°E / 59.33861; 18.09056