Karlovačka pivovara

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Karlovačka pivovara
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Headquarters Karlovac, Croatia
Products Beer
Owner Heineken International
Website www.karlovacko.hr

Karlovačka pivovara (lit. "Karlovac Brewery"), since 2013 formally Heineken Hrvatska d.o.o., is a brewery in Karlovac, Croatia, founded in 1854 by local landowner Baron Nikola Vranyczany-Dobrinovic.[1] In 2003, Heineken International acquired a majority stake.[2] Heineken Hrvatska has 329 employees, 12 brands and Karlovačko beer is enjoyed in 10 countries.

The brewery's signature Karlovačko beer has an alcohol content of about 5.4 percent by volume.[3]

The brewery produces the following brands of beer:

  • Karlovačko light lager beer
  • Karlovačko crno beer
  • Karlovačko Radler limun
  • Karlovačko Leđero Natur Radler
  • Karlovačko 0.0% Max


Karlovačko light lager beer won many awards, and in September 2005, it won the gold medal in its category, the so-called beer Oscar at the prestigious Brewing Industry International Awards held in Munich. In 2012, Karlovačko received another award for quality, Monde Selection awarded by the International Institute for Quality Selections.

Croatian barley for production of Karlovačko beer[edit]

In July 2014, HEINEKEN Hrvatska has launched an initiative of Croatian barley for the production of Karlovačko beer. With this project, they have committed to use barley that is of Croatian origins, from Croatian fields. After signing the letter of intent for cooperation between project partners, the first Karlovačko beer with Croatian barley was launched on the market in February 2015. With this project, they wanted to ensure the sustainable domestic production of the key ingredient in order to influence the development and support of the local economy.

Making responsible consumption aspirational[edit]

HEINEKEN Hrvatska encourages responsible consumption of alcohol and by various campaigns aims at making it aspirational, at the same time promoting zero tolerance for underage drinking. They implement project “For Responsible Youth” and they wanted to contribute to raising awareness, educating the public on this issue, and to have a positive impact on young people. An initiative “I am 18+” was originally launched during Beer Days 2013, and was conducted again in 2015. At the event that was visited by thousands of beer lovers, the bracelets with the inscription “I’m 18+” were only handed out to adults with a valid ID. The bracelets helped waiters to easily identify minors and to avoid selling beer to them.

2007 incident[edit]

On March 13, 2007, prosecutors in Karlovac County decided to launch an investigation against five executives of the brewery, as well as the company as a legal entity, on suspicion that the brewery dumped carbon dioxide waste into local stream Grabica. Previously, work at the brewery was ordered to a temporary halt in order to weigh possible action. On February 23, an elderly man named Zdravko Martinović fell comatose while walking his dog near the canal outside the brewery, after attempting to revive his dog, which died on the spot. He was found to have high levels of ammonia in his blood although this was later denied, and claimed that he was poisoned by carbon dioxide. Martinović died on March 19[4] and although he was also a retired worker from the brewery, it was only after his death that Monique Peters, President of the Board, expressed sympathy to his family. [5] [6]


^ dioničko društvo, company limited by shares, equivalent to AG


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