Karlovsko Praskalo

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Karlovsko Praskalo
Карловско пръскало
Waterfall Karlovsko pruskalo.jpg
Karlovsko Praskalo Waterfall
Location Balkan Mountains Bulgaria Bulgaria
Type Plunge
Total height 30

Karlovsko Praskalo (Bulgarian: Карловско пръскало) is a waterfall in the Central Balkan National Park, Balkan Mountains, central Bulgaria. It is located at 1,450 m altitude in the southern slope of the Zhaltets Peak. The waterfall is 30 m high. Karlovsko Praskalo and the surrounding area was declared a natural landmark in 1965.

Coordinates: 42°42′36″N 24°51′11″E / 42.71000°N 24.85306°E / 42.71000; 24.85306