Karlskrona Admiralty Church

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Exterior, main entrance, with Rosenbom

The Admiralty Church (Swedish: Amiralitetskyrkan) is a church in Karlskrona (south-east Sweden) and belongs to the Royal Karlskrona Admiralty Parish. The church is also known as the Ulrica Pia after Ulrike Eleonora ('pia' is the feminine form of the Latin 'pius' which means 'pious'). It is located near Vallgatan in the south east of the island Trossö. Inaugurated in 1685, it is made entirely of wood, making it Sweden's largest wooden church. Originally it could seat 4,000.

The interior is in a light bluish color while the exterior is in the traditional Falu red. Its shape is a squarish greek cross, with each cross arm measuring 20 metres (66 ft). Though the architect is unknown, Erik Dahlbergh is a likely candidate[who?]. In front of the main entrance stands the wooden figure of Rosenbom.

The church is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Karlskrona naval base since 1998.

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