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Karlstad University
Karlstads universitet
Motto Sapere aude
Type Public
Established 1977/1999
Rector Professor Åsa Bergenheim
Academic staff
Administrative staff

16,000 (2015)[1] 12,250 (2011)

7,750 (FTE, 2009)[2]
Location Karlstad, Värmland, Sweden
Website http://www.kau.se/
Karlstad University
Karlstad University, entrance hall.
Karlstad University

Karlstad University (Swedish Karlstads universitet) is a state university in Karlstad, Sweden. The university, being a former university college (founded 1977) was granted university status in 1999 by the Government of Sweden. Originally it was a branch of the University of Gothenburg. There are about 40 training programmes, 30 programme extensions and 900 courses within humanities, social studies, science, technology, teaching, health care and arts. As of today, it has approximately 16,000 students and 1,200 employees.[3] Its university press is named Karlstad University Press.

CTF Service Research Center (Swedish Centrum för tjänsteforskning) at Karlstad University is one of the world's leading research centers focusing on service management and value creation through service.

On March 26, 2009 the faculty of Economics, communication and IT formed Karlstad Business School (Swedish Handelshögskolan vid Karlstads universitet) as a brand of their educational programmes in the business related areas.

Karlstad University has two a cappella groups, Sällskapet CMB and Söt Likör. Many students live at the nearby student accommodation facilities called Unionen and Campus Futurum.

The motto of the University is Sapere aude (Dare to know).


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences[edit]

  • Karlstad Business School:
    • Working Life Science, Business Administration, Information Systems, Law, Economics, Project Leadership, Statistics
  • Department of Artistic Studies:
    • Ingesund School of Music, Dance, Visual Art
  • Department of Political, Historical, Religious and Cultural Studies:
    • History, Cultural Studies, Religious Studies, Social and Political Studies, Political Science
  • Department of Social and Psychological Studies:
    • Gender Studies, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology
  • Department of Language, Literature and Intercultural Studies:
    • English, Intercultural Studies, Comparative Literature, Spanish, Swedish as a Second Language, Swedish Language
  • Department of Geography, Media and Communication:
    • Human Geography, Media and Communication Studies, Geography, Tourism Studies, Film Studies
  • Department of Educational Studies:
    • Drama, Pedagogy, Pedagogical Work, Special needs Education
  • Department of Administration

Faculty of Health, Science and Technology[edit]

  • Department of Environmental and Life Sciences:
    • Biology, Environmental Science, Physical Geography, Risk Management
  • Department of Health Sciences:
    • Biomedical Science, Public Health Science, Sports Sciences, Nursing, Oral Health
  • Department of Engineering and Chemical Sciences:
    • Construction Engineering, Miljö- och energisystem, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Engineering and Physics:
    • Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering
  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science:
    • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Department of Administration

Faculty Board for Teacher Education[edit]

Institutions of higher education issuing teaching degrees are obliged to have a board with responsibility for the teacher education programmes. The Faculty Board for Teacher Education is also responsible for educational research.

University Administration and Central Services[edit]

  • Executive Office
  • Human Resources Office
  • Financial Office
  • Student services Centre
  • Communications and External Relations
  • IT Department
  • Janitorial Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Printing Office
  • University Library

Karlstad Business School[edit]

At Karlstad University there is a business school situated with focus on a service perspective. Karlstad Business School has seven disciplines and has a deep interest in economics and business. CTF Service Research Center conducts world leading research with a focus on value creation through service.

Ingesund School of Music[edit]

The Ingesund School of Music is part of Karlstad University and the Department of Artistic Studies. It is situated in the beautiful Arvika area in mid-Sweden. The school offers music teacher education, music studies, and sound engineering.

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