Karma Cola

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Karma Cola
AuthorGita Mehta
SubjectIndia in the 1960s
Genrenonfiction journalism
PublisherVarious, see table
Publication date
LC ClassDS414

Karma Cola[1] is a non-fiction book about India written by Gita Mehta originally published in 1979.

Subject matter[edit]

The story begins in the late '60s, when hundreds of thousands of Westerners descended upon India, disciples of a cultural revolution that proclaimed that the magic and mystery missing from their lives was to be found in the East. An Indian writer who has also lived in England and the United States, Gita Mehta was ideally placed to observe the spectacle of European and American "pilgrims" interacting with their hosts. When she finally recorded her razor sharp observations in Karma Cola, the book became an instant classic for describing, in merciless detail, what happens when the traditions of an ancient and long-lived society are turned into commodities and sold to those who don't understand them.[2]


Reprints include:

Year Publisher Pages ISBN
1980 Jonathan Cape 201 9780224017749
1981 Collins 210 9780006360926
1990 Minerva 210 9780749390693
1991 Fawcette Columbine 193 9780449906040
1993 Penguin Books 193 9780140236835
1994 Vintage Books 208 9780679754336
2010 Random House 9781409042648


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