Karmegha Konar

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Karmegha Konar
Born Karmegham
(1889-12-27)27 December 1889
Ramanathapuram district,
Died 22 October 1957(1957-10-22) (aged 67)
Nationality Indian
Other names Chennaa Pulavar
Occupation Scholar
Known for Education and Poetry
Spouse(s) Padmashini
Parent(s) Ayarpadi Konar and Irulayiammaal

Karmega Konar (Tamil: கார்மேக கோனார்) (27 December 1889 – 22 October 1957) was a popular Tamil poet and educator. He is popularly known as Chennaa Pulavar, a title given by his peer and close friend Bharathidasan.

He was the Chairman of the Tamil department at The American College in Madurai.


Karmega Konar was born to U. Ayarpadi Konar and Irulayiammaal in Agathariruppu village near Abiramam in Ramanathapuram district.


He worked in the Department of Tamil at the Madurai American college for 37 years. Notable students who studied under him include: Shankaraiah (freedom fighter and Marxist Communist Tamil Nadu state secretary), V. Thillainayagam (Director of Tamil Nadu Public Library department), Krishnammal Jeganathan (land reformation fighter) and K. Lakshmikanthan Bharathi (government secretary).

He also headed the Chennai University curriculum group.

Life history[edit]

1904 - Joined as student in Madurai fourth Tamil sangam
1912 - Vallal Pandiduraithevar awarded him Golden medal for scoring top mark in Pandithar examination
1912 - Married Padmashini Ammaiyar and started in live in Madurai
1914 - Joined Madurai American college to head the Department of Indian languages
1916 - Started "Parimelazhaghar Kazhagam" in American college for research in Thirukkural
1920 - Submitted research document about "Malaipadukadaam"
1924 - Released his first book "Nallisai pulavargal" under his name, which is included as subject in Chennai, Annamalai, Trivancore and Mysore universities.
1927 - Presented about "Madurai Kanchi" in Thanjavur karandhai Tamil sangam's Silver jubilee event. Also presented about Ancient Tamils and Culture in Chennai University for three days.
1945 - Released his another book "KannagiDevi", which was included in SSLC syllabus twice.
1946 - Became member in Chennai government employment corporation
1951 - retired from American college
1955 - 17.01.1955 Tamilvel P.T.Rajan and Navalar. Somasundarabharatiyar titled him as "Senna Pulavar"
1955 - 21.08.1955 He presented in "Ayngurunooru" conference for several hours
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Below are the books written by Karmega Konar

  1. அறிவு நூல் திரட்டு (2 தொகுதிகள் - உரைநூல்)
  2. ஆபுத்திரன் அல்லது புண்ணியராஜன் (உரைநூல்)
  3. இதிகாசக் கதாவாசகம் (2 தொகுதிகள்)
  4. ஐங்குறு நூற்றுச் சொற்பொழிவுகள்
  5. ஒட்டக்கூத்தர்
  6. கண்ணகி தேவி
  7. காப்பியக் கதைகள்
  8. கார்மேகக் கோனார் கட்டுரைகள்
  9. கார்மேகக் கோனார் கவிதைகள்
  10. செந்தமிழ் இலக்கியத்திரட்டு I
  11. பாலபோத இலக்கணம்
  12. மதுரைக் காஞ்சி
  13. மலைபடுகடாம் ஆராய்ச்சி
  14. மூவருலா ஆராய்ச்சி
  15. தமிழ்ச்சங்க வரலாறு (கட்டுரை)
  16. தமிழ்மொழியின் மறுமலர்ச்சி
  17. நல்லிசைப் புலவர்கள் (உரைநூல்)