Karmei Yosef

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Karmei Yosef

כַּרְמֵי יוֹסֵף
Karmei Yosef from Tel Gezer
Karmei Yosef from Tel Gezer
Karmei Yosef is located in Ashkelon region of Israel
Karmei Yosef
Karmei Yosef
Coordinates: 31°50′53.87″N 34°55′13.44″E / 31.8482972°N 34.9204000°E / 31.8482972; 34.9204000Coordinates: 31°50′53.87″N 34°55′13.44″E / 31.8482972°N 34.9204000°E / 31.8482972; 34.9204000
Founded byFormer residents of Ness Ziona and Rehovot
Name meaningYosef's Vineyards
Karmei Yosef

Karmei Yosef (Hebrew: כַּרְמֵי יוֹסֵף, lit. Yosef's Vineyards) is a community settlement in the Judean foothills in central Israel.[2] Located in the Shephelah between Ramle and Rehovot, it falls under the jurisdiction of Gezer Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 1,707.[1]


Karmei Yosef was founded in 1984 by former residents of Ness Ziona and Rehovot, and was named after Yosef Sapir.[3] Karmei Yosef is spread out over approx. 1640 dunams (approx. 410 acres) 200–260 meters above sea level, and borders the Ayalon Valley to the North and the Meginim Forest to the South. Karmei Yosef is situated in the midst of agricultural lands, mostly vineyards growing grapes for wine and eating, as well as fruit and olive groves, covering some 7500 dunams (roughly 1875 acres).

Karmei Yosef's village center has a synagogue, playgrounds, health services, a community center hosting activities for all ages, nursery schools, commercial stores, and a food market. School-age children are bused to the regional schools in nearby Beit Hashmonay. In and around the village are family-owned wineries, olive mills, and a plant producing dried fruits. Residents of the village work both in agriculture and in Israel's central cities, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Karmei Yosef is located next to the ancient city of Gezer.[4] Gezer was a significant Caananite city during the Bronze Age and Israelite city during the Iron Age. The city is mentioned in the Merneptah Stele, dating from the end of the 13th century BCE, and according to the Bible, Joshua defeated the King of Gezer in his battles for Caanan (Joshua 10:33).

The surrounding valleys and fields were the site of major battles between Maccabee forces and Seleucids at the Battle of Emmaus during the Hellenistic Period and between the Crusaders, led by Baldwin IV, and the Ayyubids from Egypt, led by Saladin, at the Battle of Montgisard during the Crusades.

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