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Karmic Hit
Founded 1993 (1993)
Founder Steve Kilbey, Snog, David Lane and Halogen
Country of origin  Australia

Karmic Hit is a record label based in Sydney. It was founded in 1993. The label features bands and musicians such as Steve Kilbey, Snog, David Lane and Halogen.


Artist Album Title CD Code
Beangrowers Dance Dance Baby CD KH029
Belinda Barrett Yet to Come CD KH039
Bhagavad Guitars Introversion/Extraversion 2 CD KH004
Big Spaceship Dream On CD KH028
David Lane Compass CD KH012
Flywheel What to Look for in Summer CD KH035
Gilt Trip Egyptian Register CD KH032
Halogen Buildings on the Edge of the Sky CD KH020
Halogen Save the Ones You Love CD KH016
Halogen Sirens CD KH036
Hypertonic Standing in the Street Light CD KH041
Isidore Self Titled CD KH019
Jack Frost Snow Job CD KH003
Jack Frost Jack Frost CD KH038
JLK Nothing More Than Something to Wear CD KH013
John Kilbey Catching Some Z's CD KH024
Miss V Appearing Tonight CD KH021
The Penny Drops Good Fortunes 2 CD KH006
Pluto Red Light Syndrome CD KH018
Pugwash Earworm CD KH017
Pugwash Jollity CD KH030
Snog Beyond the Valley of the Proles CD KH014
Snog Real Estate Man Plus CD KH027
Snog Sixteen Easy Tunes For the End Times CD KH033
Soma My Ancient Vihmaana CD EP KH008
Steve & Russell Kilbey Gilt Trip CD KH031
Steve Kilbey Acoustic & Intimate CD KH007
Steve Kilbey Acoustic & Untimate Video NTSC KHV007N
Steve Kilbey Acoustic & Untimate Video PAL KHV007P
Steve Kilbey Dabble CD KH009
Steve Kilbey Earthed CD KH025
Steve Kilbey Freaky Conclusions CD KH015
Steve Kilbey Narcosis + More CD KH023
Steve Kilbey Remindlessness CD KH011
Steve Kilbey The Slow Crack CD KH022
Steve Kilbey Unearthed CD KH026
Steve Kilbey Painkiller CD KH041
Various Karmic Hit Previews and Rarities CD KH010
Various Karmic Hit Previews and Rarities Vol. 2 CD KHPRO04
Warp Factor Nine Five Days in the Photon Belt CD ID00192 - (referring to the Photon Belt)

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